EFL UAE: Reducing Inequalities

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 11% of the 8 million people living in the UAE have a disability. As this number continues to rise, the UAE’s government recognizes them as “people of determination” and focuses on creating more services that are accessible to this marginalized group.

However, a gap still exists when it comes to social inclusion for those with disabilities. To help bridge the gap, EFL UAE partnered with Al Noor, a training center dedicated to helping children and adults with disabilities. In March 2019, EFL employees participated in Al Noor’s Annual Fundraising Event, the Family Fun Fair, where they assembled a photo booth with props to take photos at the fair. The event was a huge success, and because of love and teamwork, Al Noor was able to raise a significant amount of money to create more facilities and training materials for children and adults with disabilities.