EFL Global Obtains BRUcure Readiness Label

EFL Global Obtains BRUcure Readiness Label
April 05, 2021

EFL Global has obtained the BRUcure Readiness Label, a certification that indicates a company is fully ready to transport, handle and/or store the COVID-19 vaccine. The label was created by Air Cargo Belgium and BRUcure, Brussels Airport Company’s dedicated COVID-19 vaccine taskforce.

EFL Global is one of 15 companies within the BRUcure taskforce who have already obtained the label. 

To obtain the label, companies must meet the below requirements:

•    The company must use the Airside Pharma Transporter (APT) in their procedures, which guarantees there is no temperature deviation from what is required for COVID-19 vaccine shipments.
•    The company intends to implement the CargoFlow Explorer platform, a digital solution developed by Nallian, to obtain full visibility for all pharmaceutical shipments. 
•    The company follows the BRUcure guidelines, on top of the existing Pharma Handling SOPs, and applies Air Cargo Belgium’s guidelines where applicable. 
•    The company has dedicated pharmaceutical storage for the vaccine if needed. 

EFL Global is a leader in pharmaceutical logistics and has aided in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine globally. The BRUcure Readiness Label adds another layer to their pharmaceutical capabilities and preparedness.  

To learn more about EFL Global, visit www.efl.global.

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