As a freight forwarder, EFL is aware of the lasting impact transportation can have on our world. As an organization, we've made a commitment to enact green logistics to offset carbon emissions and revive the planet. Through data management systems, carbon calculators and environmental focused sustainable projects, we're making calculated business decisions to heal the environment.

green logistics
carbon footprint

Our Carbon Footprint

carbon footprint

The business of freight forwarding and logistics leaves behind a carbon footprint on our planet. By prioritizing sustainability in our business plans, we hope to reverse the effects of carbon emissions and improve air quality.

Data Management System

environmental resources wastage

EFL utilizes an in-house data management system to track environment-related data, such as usage of paper, water, electricity and all other material wastage globally. We can calculate our overall carbon emissions and steer our business model in a more sustainable direction.

environmental resources wastage

Our Certifications

The certifications we have in place ensure our adherence to global environmental standards.

ISO 14064

10 of EFL stations across Sri Lanka hold this voluntary certification that enable us to provide a credible and accurate measurement of our carbon footprint.

Certified Warehouse

EFL received accreditation for sustainable warehousing design and as Sri Lanka’s first LEED GOLD Warehousing Facility.

ISO 14001

EFL holds the certification for IS0 104001, which sets the criteria for an effective environmental management system.