EFL partners with Spicejet & Tower Cold Chain Solutions

ELF staff shaking hands with SpiceJet and Tower Cold Chain Solutions staff
EFL partners with Spicejet & Tower Cold Chain Solutions
February 03, 2021

Expolanka Holdings PLC’s logistics business EFL, which employs 2,500+ individuals in over 60 offices across 26 countries, has entered into a strategic partnership with SpiceJet India and TOWER Cold Chain Solutions of South Africa.

EFL Global CEO and Managing Director for India Mr. Senthil Shanmugam, along with EFL India’s Director of Airfreight Mr. Sudeep Narayan, signed the tripartite memorandum of understanding to formalize the arrangement.

EFL spans a footprint of 19 locations across India, widely regarded as the pharmaceutical hub of Asia and the world. India’s exports range from non-prescription and long-term prescription medications, surgical equipment, vaccines and medical devices. Catering to local demand and export destinations in Asia, Africa, Middle East and America, a complex variety of supply chain solutions are needed from material procurement to delivery and distribution for an ever-expanding global and domestic market.

Pharmaceutical transportation requires solutions that range from ambient temperature to sub-zero conditions, and preserving these standards is a must to meeting the value chain's mandate. With extensive experience in the pharmaceutical vertical and operating a successful logistics business with the current complexities in supply chain, EFL strives to overcome limitations at all stages through end-to-end solutions that are patient- and manufacturer-centric.

TOWER Cold Chain Solutions provides a unique range of products that meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry that are IATA approved. SpiceJet has a modern fleet of widebody and narrow body aircrafts with a reach of 54 domestic and 45 international destinations. EFL, with its experienced team of global logisticians, pharmaceutical vertical experts and an established global client base, are able to provide this solution that not only meets regional requirements but also global ones, aiding vaccine distribution and other medical deliverables which are essential to all.

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