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Our mission for sustainability is based on the life philosophy of our founder Mr. Hanif Yusoof where he imparted “to do good to the world”, as a cornerstone for our corporate DNA which is the bedrock of our sustainability programmes. In striving to create a sustainable logistics solution we have derived the vision of committing our operations to be “the leading sustainable organization within the supply chain industry”.

Sustainable development in logistics calls for activities that lead to the highest economic and social gains while reducing the negative environmental losses.

Corporate Citizen

Our Responsibility as a
Corporate Citizen

The collective actions of the Global Community working in tandem to build a better world have the potential to offset the detrimental impact of industrial and commercial activity. EFL Global as an organization spanning all continents has embedded sustainable designs into our business models to build value chains that care about all stake holders while achieving economic growth.

Through partnerships and global certifications, we have heightened our potential to do good to the world and create a greener world for everyone, because we care about a greener tomorrow.

Our Industry

In 2019, we become signatory of the United Nations Global Compact to curate supply chain solutions that pursue environmental sustainability, carbon neutrality, protect the fundamental rights and safety of our workforce, and practice business principles that create shared value for business partners, employees, the wider community and the Planet.

We address global, environmental, and social issues through projects initiated under the six UNSDGs to bring about transformative change in the world.

Commitment to SDGs

Commitment to SDGs
Commitment to SDGs
Commitment to SDGs
Commitment to SDGs
Commitment to SDGs
Commitment to SDGs

We became the first Logistics company in Sri Lanka to commit to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to reduce emissions in 2019. Ecofriendly technologies track our carbon footprint through the EFL Carbon Dashboard to secure greener deliveries. This enables full transparency and visibility to customers who can commit to carbon-neutral deliveries with us

Our alliances with global power players who influence international trade and commerce such as the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), The Clean Cargo Working Group, the Sustainable Air Freight Alliance (SAFA), and Green Freight Asia ensure we are a proactive participant of the Global Community at the heart of sustainable supply chains.

Working Committees


Global Goodness

EFL launched our Global Goodness program in 2019 as an integrated approach to our sustainability agenda. The embodiment of the late Ms. Sabrina Yoosuf's vision was to engage in sustainable projects that advanced societal goals and believed the power to transform the world lies within us.

These long-term projects create a significant positive impact on the environment and community ecosystems across our global operation. We continue to encourage employer engagement and seek out partnerships to add value to our efforts. As a corporate entity, it is part of our responsibility to foster more conscious life to sustain our planet.

Our People

Our employees are at the heart of our success, as they possess exceptional skills, specialized knowledge, and dedication to deliver the unexpected. We support our employees by empowering them, encouraging inclusivity, prioritizing the protection of human rights, and setting higher standards for health and safety so that a synergistic work atmosphere is created where sustainability remains vital.

Each EFL employee is encouraged to embrace passion projects and learn more about being more conscious each day in sustainable ways. Our People actively participate in embedding sustainability into our operations as they believe such processes are learning opportunities to better themselves as people who help conserve the planet and society.

Alongside our sustainability journey, EFL seeks to engage with the surrounding communities beyond our own offices by facilitating humanitarian operations, and by investing in the betterment of the communities in our global markets. As an organization in the transport and logistics industry, we swiftly respond to disaster relief efforts in our global stations. We are also big supporters of the UN’s efforts to address social and global issues, such as clean water and education through our passion projects.

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Our Operations & Solutions

The common goal of promoting responsible freight has led us to commit to clean energy, ethical trading, high-level compliance standards, and high-tech security networks in our business operations.

Aligning with the carbon neutrality commitment, in 2016, EFL became the first LEED GOLD certified warehouse in Sri Lanka. In 2021, EFL 3PL became Sri Lanka’s first Carbon neutral Logistics company. Adopting UN SDG Goal 7 into our sustainability strategy is now a priority to reduce our global carbon footprint.

We implement fast, reliable, secure, low-cost, and low-carbon logistics solutions that will benefit the future of our planet.


Transparency & Visibility

We disclose and communicate our environmental, social, and corporate governance through an outcome-focused approach. Creating explicit transparency into the community well being and responsible use of resources through our annual reports. The annual sustainability report encompasses our global projects and outcomes