The A List: Captains of Business in 2020

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The A List: Captains of Business in 2020
December 31, 2020

This article was originally published on LMD. To view the full list, please click here.

Coming on the back of a year that witnessed a national tragedy on Easter Sunday, 2020 proved to be even worse with multiple waves of COVID-19 bringing many industries and sectors to a virtual standstill. As such, there was little respite for the nation's engine of growth. Several corporates grappled with the arduous task of downsizing their organisations in the wake of the fallout from the shutdowns while many others were compelled to work on contingency plans to counter the impact of the pandemic and move forward amid a highly fluid outlook as the months passed by.

Nevertheless, many of the men and women at the helm of corporate establishments demonstrated immense grit to overcome adversity yet again.

HALL OF FAME - This New Year edition of LMD pays tribute to the nation's corporate front-runners in 2020. Dubbed 'Captains of Business,' our A List of Sri Lankan businesspeople is based on nominations received from the magazine's contributors, as well as an in-house think tank led by the editorial and senior management teams.

In the 2020 hall of fame, LMD showcases 100 leaders from among the best in Sri Lanka's corporate and professional communities.

LMD's collective think tank works on the basis of nominating those who helm Sri Lanka's best in class business houses for financial performance (with the LMD 100 being a key point of reference), corporate respect (LMD's Most Respected rankings come into play here) and branding successes (from our Brands Annual, which is compiled in collaboration with Brand Finance).

Indeed, other dimensions including entrepreneurship, the spirit of innovation, major accolades in the recent past and all else that make for inspiring leadership are also taken into consideration in compiling the A List each year.

A LIST PROFILE – In this edition's roll call of the island's leading business personalities, we pay homage to leaders from diverse fields.

The 2020 lineup is led by representatives of Sri Lanka's diversified companies, which are followed by the banking sector. Meanwhile, tea, apparel, construction and engineering, and financial services also feature prominently, alongside domains such as ICT, gems and jewellery, motor, retail and telecommunications.

When it comes to designations, the majority of leading businesspeople are chairpersons, managing directors or members of the corporate C-Suite.

Reflecting the diversity of the private sector, the 2020 A Listers span at least two generations; and on the gender front, only seven out of the 100 strong list are women. Sri Lanka's 'Business Hall of Fame' is also graced by many of those who share 'family ties' with one another.



•    Hanif Yusoof established a strong brand for logistics and supply chains across the globe and leads a team of employees across 18 countries.
•    Former President of the Freight Forwarders Association of Sri Lanka in addition to being on the UN/ESCAP panel of trainers for freight forwarding
•    Recipient of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Special Achievement Award from Enterprise Asia in 2013
•    Conferred an award for Global Commerce Excellence in recognition of his contribution to the Sri Lankan economy by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in 2012
•    Named one of the 'Ten Outstanding Young Persons' (TOYP) in 1998

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