Digitization is an integral aspect of sustainability that assists in ensuring process optimization throughout our supply chain.

At EFL, we value the use of technology, as it drives efficiency by reducing wastage in time, resources and energy in our supply chain. By building process standardization and automation to reduce wastage caused by manual processes, we are also reducing the impact on the environment.

In 2014, EFL endorsed the Electronic Air Waybill Resolution 672 (MeA), allowing shippers and carriers to switch to electronic AWBs, thereby removing the requirement for a paper AWB. This has not only simplified the air cargo process, but it also allows to consciously manage our paper wastage and switch to hassle free and more efficient methods.

EFL also practices E-invoicing, which is being trailed by one of our ocean freight customers. This form of digitization allows us to manage even financial aspects and reduce the need for delivery of printed/signed invoices. Going forward, we aim to trail this with other customers and effectively reduce the need for paper invoices altogether.