Health, Safety, & Security

EFL provides its employees with a healthy work environment and promotes occupational health, ensuring compliance with local health and safety laws, codes and regulatory requirements.

Being in the business of freight forwarding and logistics, the safety of our employees is of utmost importance to us. Our risk management approach identifies hazards, assesses associated risks, and implements strategies to eliminate and reduce those hazards and risks. In addition to our nursing units located in our warehouses, we also conduct regular first aid training at the operational level. Fire and safety training is conducted in all of our offices annually. We also facilitate annual Health & Wellness Camps for all employees, which provide complete physical examinations to ensure the well being of our staff.

EFL prioritizes a harassment-free, inclusive and engaging culture in the workplace. We are committed to removing harassment and discrimination from the workplace, and we conduct programs to ensure employees know and understand their rights.

We also provide employees with top-tier security measures at the workplace and beyond to ensure their safety and well being while under EFL’s wing.