EFL Kenya: Clean Water and Sanitation

Kenya’s suburbs and rural communities are constantly facing little access to clean water and sanitation and have poor service quality in terms of their water supply. This, combined with seasonal and regional water scarcity, makes it extremely difficult to improve water conditions for people in these areas.

EFL Kenya partnered with Clean Water Kenya, a non-profit organization that supplies portable water filtration systems to rural Maasai and Kampo villages throughout the Great Rift Valley and the Northeast of Kenya. The team participated in Clean Water Kenya project, which was carried out in three phases: Training, Distribution and Awareness.

The Training and Distribution phases were carried out in March 2019, where EFL Kenya employees volunteered to distribute water barrels and rainwater filters to over 100 families. Our volunteers also received training on how to conduct awareness lessons for the rural communities on sanitation, hygiene and waste management.

The final phase of this project – Awareness – took place at the end of 2019, where our volunteers initiated awareness lessons alongside Clean Water Kenya.